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This is Neeraj. The maker and person behind this website. Today is 15 September I starting my new website I hope u all will support me and enjoy my Recipes.In our website we are focusing on  simple home cooked recipes, diet food recipes,Street food recipes and lots of Related Recipe Stuff which can be serve anywhere around India.

I am very enthusiastic person who loves to eat and travelling.apart from this i also love to Spend time on Internet surfing,exploring new gadgets .

In India Huge Amount  of people Love to eat street food and we know that street food Is heart of our Indian Foodie people.Fast food like- pasta sandwich, chilly paneer, dry Manchurian, and etc are served in every corner of India.

Some street foods like Samosa’s, Kachori’s,Street Chaat and Specially Pani-Puri’s (this is Like life line of  our every Indian street Food lover)  in India.

We Indian has mind blowing Street food culture on this planet.

I want to tell you that after performing many practical’s in my kitchen. I  slowly learn to make dishes and now i love to make recipes  which can be Easy to cook in our daily routine life. From this i got an idea that i should start  my recipes blog. 

NrjFoodRecipes is maintain by me and my little team. My work on this website is to provide recipe content and apart from this all website coding work is done by my team.My family and my Friends we all  are foodies.we love to eat food exploring different type of food while travelling.

This is the platform on which any one can share their food recipes anytime and anywhere.

This website is medium to connect with different  people’s with their mind blowing recipes across India. The ingredients which we use in our recipes are natural and easily available in Indian market.

In this website not only me but people who knows about good recipes or believes that they are best in any particular recipes can a share their recipes on our website. So that people will learns different types of Food recipes & Drinks whether they belongs to any place.


Our Motto– “The Real Recipe Serve on the Table”

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