Molly Moo Ice Creams

Molly Moo icecream in Jaipur


Molly Moo ice cream In Jaipur -If you are habitual to taste the same kind of ice cream every time, then this time you can change it and can try more than 60 kinds of Flavored ice cream at Molly Moo ice cream in jaipur and I bet you that you have never Heard the flavor like, Fruit chaat,cotton candy, bubble gum ice cream, salted caramel, coffee lovers,Chikoo paans, thandai, rum and raisins, ginger lemon, anar and etc.

This names is introduce by their Owners Shweta and Sachin Khurana.When i talk to their staff members about their quality they reply that-

We  use 100% natural and farm fresh ingredients, and double toned cow milk. both fat and air is mixed in ice cream in vary controlled quantities, and eggless product. They Offer Sugar free ice creams to. Our pocket friendly ice creams are for masses.”

The concept of Molly Moo is quite different from from other ice cream parlor, here One can meet over a cup of ice cream, just like the people meet over a cup of tea or Coffee. The football of school and collage children is high in morning and evening. Family visit cafe usually after sunset. The home delivery is available at swiggy and zomato.



Molly Moo Ice Creams


When I Visited To Molly Moo icecream in jaipur

It was Saturday evening when me and my friends plan to go Molly Moo,Which is in front of wtp(world trade park) in Jaipur, And Really trust me whatever I heard about this every word was true. Their flavors are really unique and tasteful. If you are an ice cream freak and love trying new flavors and fusion of different flavors, then this place is definitely for you. They are beautifully presented and freshly prepared……taste and the smell of the ice creams are excellent…… ambience is also good.

              Chocolate delight pic:-

Molly Mo Ice cream | Nrjfoodrecipes

There I tried fruits delight flavored ice cream which was really amazing, There You will also find the black cone with black scoop of ice cream which looks so amazing.I love this place and it is the type of place that is not to be missed at all. Being a big time ice cream lover, this place just seems like heaven to me.

              Fruit delight pic

Molly Mo Ice cream | Nrjfoodrecipes

          #Molly Mo icecream 

So my experience on this place in Jaipur was really awesome and great I have never taste.

Such type of ice cream before. So if you people whenever visit to Jaipur, come to Molly Mo and take mind blowing Experience with newly and different variety flavored of ice creams here and Also share your  Experience with us in comment box…

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  1. That’s insanely delicious…. 😍😍

  2. Nice content, i also visited there and i found mind blowing ice-creams

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